Railroad Partners, Inc.

 RPI supports the
Fannin County Rural Rail District
to help "clear the line"

 This activity helps RPI meet one of our mission statements to
"use volunteer labor and privately owned maintenance equipment to preserve historic rail corridors in partnership with communities, railroads, local governments and other entities and individuals"

2014 Work Session Dates


June 14

 All Dates are on Saturday

This is a non-NARCOA, event using volunteer labor and historic railroad maintenance equipment to perform light-duty maintenance along the ROW of the former Texas and Pacific secondary mainline between Bonham, Texas and points east.  HOWEVER all NARCOA rules relating to motorcar operations will apply, including

 Rule Book v7.0 dated 2/1/13

ADDITIONAL safety rules are in effect.
Minimum safety equipment necessary to participate include hard hat, safety glasses, red or yellow safety vest, long pants and sturdy leather footwear and gloves.  See details below.
We encourage anyone who desires to help improve this railroad right-of-way to participate!  You do not have to own a motorcar to participate!  If you share our vision which is this railroad is a community asset and cannot be "lost", please come join us!


Partial Map of the Fannin County Rural Rail District line, the former Texas and Pacific from Texarkana through Bonahm to Whitesboro on to Fort Worth, TX.
A link to the complete map of the Bonham Subdivision is available.

— Our task is to mow and clear
ROW between Bonahm, TX and Honey Grove, TX —

The details:

Set-On Information:

Pre-Registration Requested:
In order to plan our tasks for the day, please let the Event Coordinator know you are coming!

Set-On Time: 8:00am
Set motorcars on rails only after instructions from Event Coordinator on site. Inspections after motorcar set-on.

Physical Set-On Location:
5th Street crossing of the railroad.

Vehicle & Trailer Parking:
There is plenty of room to park vehicles and trailers in the area adjacent to our set-on location.

Safety Briefing Time: 9:00am
Mandatory safety meeting for all participants with or without motorcars.  Departure after safety briefing.

 Map of Bonham, TX


Additional Details:

There is no cost to participate in this work-session.

Reservations Preferred:
Please contact the Event Coordinator below to let him know your are coming. This will aid in planning work based on the number of volunteers anticipated.

Contact Information:
NARCOA Event Coordinator:

Myron Malone
Greenville, TX
214 882 8756 cell

Weather Advisory:
This is a fair weather activity.  IF inclement weather is predicted to occur in the Bonahm area on the day of the work-session, check with the Event Coordinator before driving to Bonham.
Cold is OK.  Ice/Snow is not.  Damp is OK, heavy rain is not.

Each motorcar operator is expected to pre-inspect their motorcar using the NARCOA Motorcar Inspection Form v2.1 dated 9/29/06.  Bring this completed form with you to be used in the on-site motorcar inspection process. Copies of this form will also be available at the paperwork site on the day of the run.

Liability Release Form:
Each volunteer in this work session will need to complete a release of liability form for the Fannin County Rural Rail District to participate.

Planned Stops:
There are no restroom facilities available at this time near the right-of-way areas where we will be working.  Be prepared to use the "naturally" available facilities should an urgent need arise!

Bring a lunch, snacks and plenty of water for yourself!  We usually take a lunch break and go to a local fast-food restrauant.
However, bring your own food in case we are busy and cannot make it back to town in a timely manner.

Special Notes:
This is to be considered a work event.  This former segment of the Texas & Pacific / Missouri Pacific / Union Pacific / Texas Northeastern / Fannin Rural Rail District has not seen ANY rail traffic in greater than 15 years.  The distance we may travel by motorcar initially will be measured by the fraction of a mile.  HOWEVER, thanks to the efforts of Volunteers, clear track, which was originally less than one mile, has now been increased to more than THREE miles!

Work tasks expected on this line:

  • Clearing of grade crossing flange ways.  Years of accumulated dirt and in some cases pavement may block our rail path.  Clearing will be by use of picks, shovels & brooms.
  • Removal of trees, brush, grass and weeds.  Removal by hand saws, chain saws, sling sickle, and string line trimmer.
    * Special Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) REQUIRED to operate motorized power tools on this property. See Below.
  • Expect poor rail conditions.  We know of sun kinks, washouts and poor grade crossings will challenge our every movement of rail equipment.  We may be "walking" our motorcars more than running them!

Suggested Tools:
  • Corona 7265 Razor Tooth Saw
    - Folds up, easy to carry in pocket.
    - Great for small brush and items at ground level.
    - Available at your local "big box" home center.
  •  Corona FL3420 Compound Action Clipper
    - multiply's force with compound action
    - great for the volume of small branches to trim.
    - Available at your local "big box" home center.
  •  Grubbing hoe, pick axe, rakes, shovels,
    5-gal plastic buckets, "bow" saw, etc...
    typical garden tools for removing heavy brush
Safety Notes:
Personal Protective Equipment will be required to be worn while participating in these work sessions.
Minimum equipment required includes:
  • Long pants
  • Sturdy leather boots, steel toe preferred, but not required.
  • Hard Hat
  • Orange or Yellow safety vest
  • Leather gloves
Additional Items that may be needed:
• Sunscreen
• Bug spray
• Water & snacks
• Personal first aid kit

Special Safety Notes regarding power equipment use:
  • Special Notes go here <TBD>

Additional Safety Items related to Motorcar Operations

Motorcar operations on this rail line are a privilege.
Lets help ensure future work sessions and motorcar runs by being extra safe while on the property.
  • This will be a long day of motorcar operations.  Be well rested at the start of the day.
  • Wear proper footwear for the environment.  Leather boots with steel toes preferred.  Please, no open toe shoes.
  • Restricted Speed: Always be able to stop your motorcar within one-half the sight distance.
  • Grade Crossings:  Automobiles have the right of way.  Only proceed across when safe to do so.
  • Do not step or walk on top of the rail, frog, switches guardrails or other track components.
  • Always expect equipment movement on any track, at any time, from either direction.
  • Always keep in mind that a split second of inattention can result in a serious accident.

Historical Notes on this Railroad

  • Constructed in 1873 by the Texas and Pacific Railway.
  • Entire line originally ran from Texarkana, TX to Whitesboro, TX.
  • Shortline operations by the Texas Northeastern began October 22, 1990.
  • Service from Honey Grove to Paris discontinued 1998.
  • Fannin Rural Rail District formed 11/8/1999. TXDOT purchased from MP 94 west of Paris, TX to MP 127.5 east of Bonham.
  • Revised Lease Nov. 2012 includes 1.26 miles purchased from MP 127.5 west to MP 128.76 at Old Ector Road in Bonham, TX

Bonham, TX Area Hotel/Motel Information

 The Mission, TX Chamber of Commerce has an excellent website with information and links to all of the city's lodging facilities including Motels, Hotels, B&B's and Campground/RV Parks.

Bonham, TX Area Restaurants

 The Bonham Chamber of Commerce also has an excellent website with information and links to all of the area's eating establishments

The Fannin Rural Rail District
The Fannin Rural Rail District was formed in November, 1999 with the goal of preserve railroad service in eastern Grayson, Faninin County, Texas, and western Lamar counties to meet present and future transportation requirements. The Fannin Rural Rail District is committed to saving the railroad. Railroad Partners, Inc. now has a unique opportunity to work with the rail district towards the goal of saving the railroad and eventually seeing restored rail service on the line.

Photos of typical conditions on the rail line.

These photos are of current conditions of the line, observed in our first visit to the property in late December, 2012.


 Four men, one motorcar an a cart of tools made this initial visit on the line.

 Just east of the former wire plant switch, vegetation covers the rail head.

 There are plenty of dead limbs blown down along the way.


 This is a large tree limb blown down. We could just barely get by.
Future clearing efforts here.


 A dead tree leaning over the rails. Ahead, more down limbs.


 Here the real challenge starts.


 A large amount of new growth is sprouting between the rails.
It takes a lot of trimming to clear for equipment passage.


With enough volunteer manpower, a lot of progress can be made in a short period of time.

These photos of the rail line west of Bonahm, TX date from June, 2007 and are an example of the conditions we expect to find on the FRRD portion of the line between Bonahm and Windham.


 "Farmers Crossing" where rails are completely covered by road material.

 Custom made "flanger shovel" cut from a standard spade shovel.

 Crossing cleared for rail traffic. This effort took 2 men over an hour to clear.

 An example of the hand tools needed to clear the crossing.

 In late June 2007, tall weeds have just about taken over the rail line.

Heavy brush encroaches on the railroad right-of-way. Look careful, there is a motorcar back in the brush!

Railroad Partners, Inc.

Railroad Partners, Inc. is an organization dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of active railroad right of ways in Texas and adjoining states.
The mission of Railway Partners, Inc. is:

1) to use volunteer labor and privately owned maintenance equipment to preserve historic rail corridors in partnership with communities, railroads, local governments and other entities and individuals;
2) to acquaint the public with the geography, local history and cultural landmarks of such corridors;
3) to support efforts to educate the public regarding safety within rail corridors;
4) to build community support for the preservation of out-of-service or soon to be out-of-service rail corridors; and
5) to promote safe maintenance and other activities within historic rail corridors through training and mutual cooperation with rail-related groups.

We need dues-paying members and volunteers to help further our mission stated above.  Please consider joining our group.
An on-line application and instructions can be found at:  www.railroadpartners.com .

Donations to Railroad Partners, Inc. can be made through PayPal by using the above "donate" button.
Or you may send PayPal payments directly to us by using the e-mail address rpionline@railroadpartners.com.

You may also send donations by check or money order.  Please make your check payable to Railroad Partners, Inc.
Simply mail your payment directly to the event coordinator:

Myron Malone
5306 Kayway Dr.
Greenville, TX 75402